Does Your Body Feel Like a Foreign Creature?

“No one can resist the power of a feminine body” – Sheila Kelley.  So ladies if you don’t feel at home in your body you can’t possibly feel the power of being truly feminine.

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I just listened to the interview by Sheila Kelley on the Red Tent Revival and if you click on over there you still have 5 hours til the interview is unavailable – no worries if 5 hours is too short of a time – you can buy the package and watch the videos at will but to get it free head on over to this link. I’m going to tell you a quick story about when I was in high school but first why that growing up like I did allowed me to fully feel the female animal that is my body. I grew up 8,200 feet up in the mountains, surrounded by wildlife, our own wildlife (cats, dogs, birds) trees and nurtured by nature. When you are allowed to exist and grow in a wild environment your animalistic body is allowed to flourish, you see how nature is and your body gets the cues of how it’s supposed to live from that – it’s a very organic process. Have no fear if you didn’t grow up like that, your body is an animal and it has instincts it knows how to live fully and vibrantly you just have to start trusting it.

In high school one day a male friend of mine asked why do you walk like that? I said like what? He then sashayed down the hall wildly swinging his hips side to side. I laughed, I said I don’t know that’s just how I walk! Flash forward to a couple years ago and I’m trying to get my flashlight to stay in the flashlight holder that’s tied to my belt  because it keeps swinging wildly and then getting flung about five feet away from me when I walk. Those hips again! I didn’t try to control it, I love my feminine body – I love being a woman – I delight that I have the power to fling things away from me simple by the motion of my hips as I naturally walk. I feel powerful, grounded, beautiful when I tap into that walk, my body, I feel like a powerful lioness or jaguar.

You can feel like that too, but what I’ve found from a lot of women is they have lost touch with their bodies, they are fighting their bodies, starving them, nip and tucking them, awkwardly trying to move about in them without ever having touched their wildness.  Putting too much weight on them, shutting them up with food, alcohol, cigarettes, name your addiction, doing anything but actually LOVING them. Now ladies when you have a lioness in your pants (your feminine body) you are going to lose unless you learn how to love and nurture her.

If this is a foreign concept to you but you want to know how, come on over to the Red Tent -join the talk – start to figure out what it’s like to start to love yourself – your world will change, believe me, I have enjoyed this journey and I want you to come enjoy it too! Day 1 is over but there is still 5 hours left to listen to interviews from yesterday and Day 2 starts tonight, click here to join me 🙂

And if you want to know more about your Body check out this awesome Ted talk by Sheila Kelley – Let’s Get Naked

Let’s Get Naked

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