Want Something Different in Your Life?

Yesterday in the Red Tent Nicole Daedone had her interview – I LOVE this woman, once I found her (she’s the author of Slow Sex by the way) I listened to her Ted talk and all of her interviews I could get my hands on – she’s brilliant and a pioneer for teaching women how to love their lives, bodies, and how to live turned on.

To catch her interview that is available for about 5 more hours starting now click here

nicole daedone


Tonight’s Red Tent interviews contain bra advice (we all need this ladies 😉 ) and a talk about Tantra! It starts at 5pm Pacific to make sure you get in click here

All of these women and talks have really guided me on my path back to my divine femininity and deep exploration of self which has helped me to live an amazing divinely guided life. I need more turned on and tuned in friends – let’s chat about what you need in your life to help you live a better life? Comment on the blog or find me on Facebook.

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