Ladies How are Your Ladies? ;)

Good Morning! Happy Monday – so last night in the Red Tent they featured the Double Divas,  they are bra fitting experts.  Only about 15% of women wear the correct size bra, so chances you are wearing an incorrect size. Why be uncomfortable and harm your breasts when you can have beautifully supported ladies!These ladies have a show on Lifetime and are sassy and fun!

double divas

These ladies interview will be on for about 5 more hours, unless you upgrade to the paid package and you can own all the interviews and fun 🙂 Check out their interview here 

Their southern accents are priceless! There is another interview too,  with Caroline Muir about Awakening Your Orgasmic Power!  So ladies head on over catch these interviews for free and then let’s talk about what you learned! Join the discussion on Facebook or comment on the blog!


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