Love – If You’re Confused Listen Up!

Hi ladies, last night’s Red Tent was amazing! On the Aphrodite stage, Linda Silversten rocked it! She talked about how clarity can bring you peace in love.

Being clear and honest with yourself is the 1st step, you are incredibly intuitive but you refuse to let your intuition tell you what’s going on. Don’t let life blindside you especially in love. Living with a heart wide open but with clarity can bring amazing love and life experiences.

Ladies do you feel like you’ve given the best of yourself and now you deserve a payback from your significant other? A lot of us feel/felt that way – Linda talks about it and how her 19 year marriage ended.

Linda Silversten

Her interview is available for about 5 more hours! Check it out here

Tonight is the last night of the Red Tent, we have interviews from Cynthia Pasquella on eating for your orgasm and Saida Desilets on exploring your erotic edges!

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I have enjoyed the Red Tent again – such a great lineup and there is some fun coming – stay tuned!

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