Do Something Wild this Weekend!

Hello all and I hope you’re doing something wonderful and wild this weekend. It’s a three day weekend so whether you’re going out of town or having a staycation go outside and do something wild. What does that mean? Go out and connect to nature, take off your shoes and put your toes in the dirt, plant a garden (it can be inside for your Phoenicians!) Go for a hike or a walk and leave distractions behind. Leave the cell phone or at least put it on silent, take a friend a lover someone you love. Play with your dog, cat, bird,  reptile – other living creature!

Make a point to connect you to you and not the internet or the TV, I know you probably want to get home and just veg out in front of the TV but for 10 minutes put on a coat if you need it and head outside to stargaze, to listen to the sounds around you, to smell the smells around you – bonus if you take off your shoes and connect to earth.  There is science that shows that when your skin contacts earth it sends endorphins through your body (feel good hormones) – so go outside and try it!

We’ll be talking about relationships soon, and guess what kiddies? It’s all about you first! Tune in to your inner wildness to meet Mr. or Ms. Right or deepen your current relationship, in the mean time kick off your shoes and get ready for your weekend!

Amor y Paz


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