That Kind of Luxe Just Ain’t For Us, but This Is!

This is a big topic that I will be exploring more – it has to do with your concept of money.  Things you consider too expensive have nothing to do with anyone else’s reality but your own. What is super expensive to you may be incredibly cheap to someone else. We’re all at different levels. For those of us who have been blessed with business larnin’ you start to value your own time and yourself a LOT more than you used to.

red dress

What this means to me is that I would rather have my dogs groomed than do it myself. Can I wash my own dogs – well duh but do I want to? – No, I’ll let the pros do it and that frees me to blog, play, spend time with Mr. Amazing or friends or work on projects. This costs me about $100 ish for both dogs and tips. Is it worth it? Hell yes – what are you worth per hour? How much is your time worth? Is it more than $100 an hour? My time sure as heck is.

Other things I like that some might deem frivolous : valet (most of the time free you just gotta tip), bell hops at hotels (I have lugged my own stuff long enough), fancy restaurants where you spend more than $100 in a sitting – a couple times a year feeds my soul just as much as my belly, designer clothes – they’re made MUCH better and my cheap chica tip – get them at an upscale resale, somebody used them a couple times and then didn’t love them anymore and now you have BCBG for $15 instead of $75!!! $10 – $15 glasses of wine or cocktails at restaurants – I only have one so I may as well enjoy myself!

And the list goes on, it was hard to justify it to myself at first and then I realized how amazing and wonderful I am (PS you are too!) and that I deserve to enjoy things in life – the finer things in life. This list may seem crazy foreign to you or it might be small peas, that is irrelevant. What is relevant is how much are you worth? Who has programmed your thinking into thinking something is too much or too cheap? When people start to actually ask these questions they get some crazy answers from themselves.

So my dare to you is to tell me what Luxe things you desire or indulge in, let’s revel in our worthiness together.


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