Summer of Self Love

Hey get your mind out of the gutter, I bet you went there didn’t you ūüėČ ok so maybe that kind of love too, but also a lot of getting back to you kind of love is what I’m talking about.

I was sitting around one day and my spirit guide flew down and said “hey you, you need to finish ALL the stuff you have hanging around out there, projects, certifications, books, it’s what you need to do to be in integrity with yourself” well that’s a TALL order I think to myself I like to start a whole bunch of things and then eventually after I’ve sat on it for awhile (possibly years) I start to work on it until I leave it for awhile again. SO a big part of the message I’ve been receiving on how to be authentic and true to myself is integrity, to me integrity means living in alignment with my truth (def: the quality or state of being complete or undivided)¬†. Seems easy right? ¬†Oh HELL NO – let me explain.


On a daily basis think to yourself how many times you make up little white lies, something like, “why were you late?” – says boss, “oh there was a car accident on the freeway” – says you, ¬†but in your head, “I didn’t want to get out of bed so I jumped in the shower late and then spilled my coffee and had to change, but I don’t want to tell you Mr.Boss all that”, and then in your head to justify it, “I’m sure there was an accident on the freeway somewhere, so I’m not really lying!” ¬†and then you go on about your day right? Maybe you sent an email explaining why you haven’t finished your work when really you just didn’t want to do it or forgot, or maybe a text on why you can’t do this or that with your mom or friend ¬†and it’s really because you don’t want to see them right now, or you’d rather go do this other thing.

We do this stuff ALL the time, have you every really noticed it? I bet you can say yes now that I’ve pointed it out. So I’m working on living in integrity which means, brutal honest truth 24/7 ESPECIALLY to myself, because you can lie to everyone else but never yourself. Ok maybe the truth isn’t brutal but it seems like it when you try to live it, I will tell you it gets easier and its sooo worth it! You feel amazing, people know something is up, something good about your energy, you glow, weight is lifted off your shoulders, sometimes huge weight. It’s constant and ongoing though and evolving, you get better the farther you go.

Onward I go to complete the masses of things I’ve started, hey what else have I got to do with this one true and beautiful life other than continually better myself? So tell me, have you had any struggles like this? How are you not living in your truth that I can help with?

Paz y Amor


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