OMG – SO Excited – Join me!


SO it’s finally here – I’ve been working on a project – a gratitude project and I want to invite you all to join!!! It starts on Sept 7th, 2014. Why would you want to join? Because it’s F.r.e.e (my fav price) and because you’ll be happier, healthier, maybe wiser and just feel damn good.

Gratitude has opened doors for me that I never could have thought possible and it all stemmed from trying to save myself when going through a very trying time. It was hard at first – being grateful for anything – especially when you’re down in the muck BUT I prevailed and have a wonderfully guided and magical life now. Is it all glitter and unicorns? – well um No and that’s life, but the rainbows are far brighter and I’m more happy than I’ve probably ever been in my life, less things bother me, stress is super low, and I bounce back from crap that gets thrown at me super quick.

So if you wanted to start a gratitude practice and just didn’t know how or didn’t have the support you needed well here it is and I’ve been waiting for you da..hling (said in pretty french accent).

If you sign up you will receive daily prompts for thirty days guiding you on a magical gratitude practice trail to a happier more fulfilled you. If you get stuck I’m here to help – we’ll be posting on Instagram because I have been loving me some instagram lately but Facebook is ok too if you don’t want to deal with another “social network”. I also encourage you use Evernote for your gratitude list because you can set a daily reminder to go off so that you never forget and at the end you’ll have a beautiful list you can print or just look at for a happy boost (kinda like a caffeine boost but way more awesome).

Q: Can I use a journal?

A: of course! I just like evernote because of the daily reminder, however you could set an alarm on your phone to write in your journal


Q: Will I really be happier?

A: Alakea Studios and it’s affiliates are not psychologists – that being said YES you will get out of it what you put into it – if you really follow the steps you will find a calm sense of happiness, maybe purpose, most definitely gratitude (which was the whole point anyway right?)


Q: Do you really see unicorns?

A: Yes Yes I do


Q: Are you going to do more projects like this in the future?

A: Heck Yea! Other fun is in the works right now!!


Q: Where can I join?

A: Right Here