The Weekly Wild Podcast Wrapup – Sept. 8

Hello all, if you didn’t catch the show you can listen to the recording here.


We talked about all kinds of wonderfulness today!

Join the gratitude practice! You still have time to enter the drawing for Louise Hay’s book next month Oct. 20th! Join here. It’s going to be a lot of fun!



David Burcelli and tremor therapy – amazing work this man does to heal the body through natural processes, this book walks you through everything

We also talked about feelings and the Desire Map – which stay tuned I will be doing a live in person and online Desire Map course end of the month – stay tuned for details for more info click here.

Here is a great video from the Desire Map – isn’t Danielle Sultry?


1,ooo year Flood info in Phoenix – happening now! 

A graphic showing the trend of organic food – it’s growing! If you can always shop local – farmer’s markets, if you can’t do that buy organic at the store.

Organic food trends


The Full Moon in Pisces – check out the Moon Woman! Click the image – get a free MP3 of harp music!

harp woman



Bulletproof coffee


His website for his book and all the goodies.

That’s it for this week – hope you enjoyed!!


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