Dr. Josh Axe: The Truth about Stevia and ​How to Eat for Performance​ | Fat-Burning Man

I’ve been asked a lot  lately about stevia and its health benefits or as a alternate source for a sweetener so I heard a really great podcast from Dr Josh Axe. and thought that you might enjoy as much as I did I did.

Instead of using stevia or honey or blackstrap molasses one of the best things to do it is to get off of sweeteners completely. Even though that seems hard it only takes about 3 days for you to get rid of your sugar cravings. Something like the whole 30 which is what I’m doing right now will help that a lot plus if you’re getting enough healthy fat in your diet it will really help sugar cravings. One of the best things to do for yourself is a sugar detox there are a ton of sugar detox programs out there and I recommend no less than 30 days even though it seems difficult it really is worth it.


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