100 Days of Yoga – and Resistance To Doing What You Need To Do

I got the idea and calling to do 100 days of yoga – it could be a full flow or just a pose. That was the easy part but then when I started exploring that I realized it was so much more than just that and I became instantly paralyzed. I wanted to do it right, I wanted to be accountable to myself and announced it to the world via social media and then became even more of a block. There is an amazing book called the War of Art by Steven Pressfield (link below) and he says that the greater the resistance to something the more you need to do it. You know when you want to start that healthy eating plan but then so and so’s birthday is coming up or Thanksgiving or or or and you find every excuse in the book to not do it? You need to push right on by that resistance to get to  healing, growth and amazing-ness. It’s hard – really f-ing hard sometimes and boy do I know it.

I am starting today dammit – I started last week and did 1 day, my promise to myself is if I miss a day I’ll start back over at day 1 – sounds harsh but what a good motivating tool right? So I am starting over. Here goes, failure is only failure if you let it stop you. Here are my guidelines- 1. do yoga every day 2. let the yoga be inspired by the tarot 3. use complimentary essential oils and crystals to guide me if time permits 4. post to FB and Instagram daily 5. Post my inspiration and practice notes once a week to my blog.

100 days of yoga week 1

Week 1 – Nov 11, 2014 – Nov  17, 2014

Tuesday – Seven of Swords – suit of air, chakras 3 (Solar Plexus) & 4 (Heart), Seven of Swords signifies being hemmed in by a situation. In picture there is scattered swords – he has cast off something, sacrifice has to be made. Pose that popped into my head for this is Supta Virasana (reclined hero pose). This pose definitely requires a sacrifice, you have to allow all the old and bad to be released and the chest and heart is wide open. A warrior resting in faith that she’ll be taken care of. Vulnerability.

Wednesday – Three of Wands – fire suit, chakras 3rd (solar plexus) & 7th (crown), Three of Wands signifies fire elementals -this dragon is meeting fire spirits, taking the lead, going places experientially that others aren’t ready to go. Setting out, initiative, long term plans, taking 1st steps. Forgive myself and others. Growth is certain. Pose that I thought about was Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand), it reverses the situation, it is an active pose and solar plexus and crown chakra are all in alignment here.

Thursday – Ace of Swords – air element suit, chakra 4th (heart), Ace of Swords signifies  breakthrough from conflict, mind coiled around sword of power, plans, will power, seek truth, solve problem for personal growth. Cut away what is unnecessary. Pose that came to mind is Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2), this pose is all about a sword and power, personal power and will power, definitely a breakthrough from conflict – a place of focus for the mind to reflect the mind coiled around a sword of power. I am hoping this helps me to breakthrough from conflict and solve a personal growth problem.

Friday – Five of Wands – fire element suit – chakras 3 (solar plexus) and 5th (throat), Five of Wands signifies haven gotten through the desert, a journey, facing the truth seekers or guardians of self truth, facing competition but not backing down. Be wary of stubbornly holding onto ideas. Pose that came to mind is Ustrasana (camel pose) my very least favorite pose, however considering competition and facing the truth this pose is really great for me, maybe my stubborn idea of this being my least favorite pose needs to be revamped – we shall see.

Saturday – Judgement – fire element, 7th chakra, crystal – Fluorite, Judgement signifies breaking out of situation, destruction, these dragons are royal guardians of the underworld (subconscious). Through intensity, pressure, and determination, character and quality a powerful transformation can take place. Drastic change, release, renew, current phase of life ending. Look objectively at what has come before. Pay attention to big ideas. Pose that came to mind is Utkatasana (chair pose) this brings fire, the gaze is up the crown is receiving. I want to combine with Kapalabhati pranayama and maybe a meditation – we shall see!

Sunday – Sun – fire element – chakras 3 (solar plexus) & 4 (heart), crystals – tigers eye, diamond, and bloodstone, The Sun (how appropriate on Sunday!) culmination of the zodiac, the lion which is my spirit animal, and Stonehenge in the background – ritual, ceremony, tradition and ancients. Veggies are condensed sun – maybe I’ll practice outside today and eat some greens! You must move through all steps of transformation to become complete. Growth, harmonious development in all aspects of life, enlightenment, vitality – sharing all accomplishments. Pose that comes to mind is Natarajasana (dancer pose) it is such an uplifting pose and one of my favorites. It activates and shines the heart space open and up as well as the solar plexus which has been a big project for me over the past year. What a fun growth enhancing pose to do outside towards the sun, we’ll see what shakes out!

Monday – Three of Cups – water element suit, chakras 2nd (sacral) & 7th (crown), Three of Cups signifies friendship, celebration, a toast for success, emotional union. What a great card to pull to finish out week 1! The pose that comes to mind is Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose) this pose integrates and relaxes crown and sacral chakra, it is a feminine energy flowing pose perfect for the suit of cups and what a great way to seal week 1!

The overall summary of the week is the cards were all fire and air signs including two major arcana cards and then a water element card to finish out the week. I think the cards were telling me great change is made by pressure, planning and heat. I have to purify and cleanse myself to allow the new to come into my life and have faith that what I need  will show up for me.

This is my sadhana – more on that later 😉 muah

Amor y Paz

Extras: If you want help overcoming resistance the book I recommend is below – short, sweet and to the point.