100 days of Yoga Week 1 Recap

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Day 1 – Supta Virasana (Reclining Hero) -inspired by Seven of Swords and note to self, never do this before you go to sleep – it is a very awakening pose, or if you do make sure you do a lot of forward folds to counteract the big energy of this one. This one can be a bit uncomfortable but really listening to your body and surrendering to the pose are key here. Citrine was super helpful as a focus during this practice as was In Tune essential oil.

Day 2 – Adha Vrksasana (Handstand) – inspired by Three of Wands, Handstand is a very powerful powerful pose – my bedroom yoga space was not big enough to kick up so I still use the wall which caused my rear end to hit rather hard and if you’re practicing this pose you want light to no touch at the wall – so something to work on. I had my Amethyst pendulum and ever trusty citrine nearby. I used Slim and Sassy Essential Oil in cold water AFTER my practice because it was cold and refreshing 🙂 I started this practice right when I woke up, my yoga mat was laid out ready to go the night before. I think doing something right when you wake up is a really good trick to get it done. I also listened to a past life meditation by Dr. Brian Weiss – for more info check it out on Amazon or Dr. Weiss’ website, if he sounds familiar you might have heard of him because he did an interview with Oprah. I have been exploring a past life memory or what I believe to be one, I don’t have any great info about it yet but maybe if I keep doing the practice. In any case these meditations are UBER relaxing and healing if nothing else – I highly recommend them.

Day 3 – Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II, inspired by Ace of Swords – this was a powerful practice – if you know the story of Shiva and the poses in sun salutations it makes total sense as to why this pose works for this card. I found that practicing in the morning right when I wake up – placing the yoga mat on the ground before I go to sleep lets me do my practice 1st thing. This was a very powerful flow about 30 minutes – my amethyst pendulum and citrine were nearby.

Day 4 – Camel pose, inspired by five of wands – camel is my least favorite pose so I did several variations of this pose that I like a bit better as well as the full pose itself. I didn’t feel sick going into or coming out of it like I normally do – having a focus in this case the cards was very helpful, I did the practice mid morning it took about 15 minutes. Doing this pose right requires a lot of concentration. This pose opens the full front of the body so you are very vulnerable and open.

Day 5 – I had pulled the Judgement card – and the pose I was going to do was utkatasana or chair pose, however this is life and because I didn’t get up in time to do my morning routine I got home and did Pavanamuktasana – or wind removing pose. The judgement card states intense pressure and big change, going with one direction or another and sticking with it. I feel that since this was hard getting on the mat that at least I did it  that I breaking through like the dragons on the card and that I’m moving my life in a more positive direction.

Day 6 – I pulled the Sun card which I was going to do Nataranjasana or dancer pose but again didn’t do it in the morning and life was life – so I decided when I got home that I would do a 5 – 10 minute slow flow sequence and did several quad stretching poses and twists. I likened this to the shadow side of the sun or sunset, a slower, gentle warming set of poses. I try to at least keep to the idea of the tarot card even if my original intention didn’t get done I consider it a win if I at least get on my mat and do some yoga. So far I have been doing at least 10 – 30 minutes of yoga a day – huge success!

Day 7 – Supta bada konasana inspired by Three of Cups – I did this in bed right before I fell asleep – at least I did some yoga!! WIN! – The chakras that Three of Cups are associated with are the 2nd and 7th. This pose reclined bound angle most definitely activate the line of chakras and cradle the 2nd chakra while staying attuned to the 7th – especially going into dreaming.

Overall very happy to do this practice, if you would like to get a citrine like my try your local gem shop or you can get the rough cut citrine with a loop for a necklace here

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