100 Days of Yoga Week 2

wild thing

Ok we’re on poses 8 – 14 and here is what I pulled

Tuesday – The World – 1st Chakra, This is about integration, fulfillment, completion both endings and beginnings. Crystals associated with this card are unakite, opal, lapiz lazuli, jet, larimer (which I would love to get!) and onyx. The pose I chose for this is balasana or child’s pose – this reminds me of the fetal position and to a baby you are their whole world, especially in utero.┬áIt also reminds me of being grounded, nurtured, loved. Your first chakra is grounded here and protected.

Wednesday – Four of Coins, 1st and 6th chakra, this is about possessions, protectiveness, greed, worry, holding tight but not wanting change – a firm foundation. I chose Warrior 1 for this card/day. Choosing a pose for this was hard because integrating a pose for both the 1st and 6th chakras was challenging. I picked Warrior 1 – virabhadrasana since this integrates both chakras in a grounded and powerful way.

Thursday – Page of Swords, 4th chakra, this relates to conscientious, curios, idealistic, alert, youthful and the page of swords is a student of communication. I picked Parsvottanasana or pyramid pose with reverse prayer hands to open and release the heart center. I picked a forward folding pose with a heart opener to really ground the body while opening the heart, the page is youthful and children spend a lot of time looking at the ground exploring – this invokes that curious heart open energy.

Friday – Eight of Cups -2nd Chakra, this is about leaving behind, moving on, or maybe retreat, call of the spirit, letting go, craving spiritual deepening, getting the call to a spiritual path deepening. I picked gomukasana or cow faced pose with eagle arms. This protects and aligns the 2nd chakra, I think of a beautiful spinning circle being cradled by this pose so that it’s light shines out.

Saturday – Two of Swords – 4th Chakra, this is about impartial, indecision, conflicting ideas, putting off decisions, at a crossroads. I picked Standing backbend or anuvittasana because it is a standing pose as if standing at a crossroads and then opening the heart to the right decision.

Sunday – Strength – major arcana card, this is about confidence, power, um duh strength, loyalty, instinct, work with the wild parts of you. The crystals associated are topaz, diamond, garnet, citrine. I picked Wild Thing pose or Camatkarasana – because it’s my favorite!!! This pose embodies strength, trust, the wild instinctual part of you and you just can’t help but smile during this pose!

Monday – Queen of Swords – 4th Chakra, This is about a powerful mindful woman, mental protector of truth, analytical self reliant and intelligent. Clarity of thought, can be great loss or sorrow. I picked sphinx pose or salamba bhujangasana for this because it’s very regal and embodies all the qualities of the queen of swords, mindful looking ahead, opening the heart but mindfully.

Wow so again with the two cards from the major arcana. There is a better mix of suits this time, earth, water and air. Air is more prevalent which rules the mind, and I also feel like the strength and world cards signify needing to encompass my life into this practice (all of it) and strength to do it. 100 days is no joke! I’m grateful to have this body to do it though! There is a lot of heart chakra centered poses so last week was all about the power and this week is a bit more balanced but all heart, heart is needed for any great journey.