What Does Yoga Everyday REALLY Look Like?

It looks like flopping down on the yoga mat (that has been strategically laid out on the bedroom floor) after work and shower and waiting for inspiration to strike to do some yoga. Sometimes I get out a few poses, sometimes I get a whole sequence in for relaxation and better sleep.

It looks like rolling out of bed onto the floor where the  yoga mat is and just gently waking up my body in a beautiful way.

It looks like doing a powerful flow after coffee and waking up a bit and playing with the dogs, letting chickens out, feeding all the creatures that I am guardian over in this household.

It looks like doing yoga while watching TV, judge me if you want but at least I’m on the mat everyday!

It looks like whatever the hell is needed to get me into my body and out of my mind.

It looks like connecting in any way I can wherever the mood or pose strikes.

It looks like getting on the damn mat every single day no matter what the circumstances, how late it is, what has been going on, how much I don’t want to, it means showing up for myself with compassion everyday in whatever shape, pain, or emotional shit comes up for me that day.

It looks like commitment to me.

It looks like LOVE.

imperfectly perfect