Live a Wild Lifestyle

What does it mean to live a wild life? It means you live a life of freedom, completely accepting your life, mind, body, spirit and then loving it. Freedom means something different to everyone. Freedom might mean financial freedom, sipping cafe au lattes in a coffee shop Friday mornings with a bestie. It could mean camping in the wild with no cares on your mind. It could mean a happy healthy family. It could mean a fulfilling job, career or business. Take a moment to think about what freedom really means to you, what does that word conjure up?

mom and I tree

Do you love fashion and makeup? I do but I add my wild factor in by only purchasing cruelty free items made with natural ingredients and clothing from upscale resale or conscious designers. You don’t have to live in a hippy commune eating twigs and berries to be WILD. If that life appeals to you and that’s what freedom means by all means go run to it with open arms. I just want you to know you can feel uncaged and free right in the city, right in your little casa, right in your beautiful body.

Guess what you can do ALL of these things, you don’t have to label yourself as one or the other, maybe you’re a powerhouse business woman (or man) and on the weekends you camp naked in the moonlight, smudging your chakras and working with the tarot and doing yoga. Maybe you run a fortune 500 company but keep a citrine crystal in your pocket for good fortune. I know all you closet woo woos out there (wink wink).

So think about what living a wild life means to you. Start by bringing nature into your life, into your home and most importantly into your spirit. I will be sharing many more tips about how to this in the coming months.

Paz y Amor