Integrity, Compassion, Money and Values

Tattooed-geisha-wallpaperDo you think about living in integrity when you go shopping? Do you vote with your dollars? I do but it started small many years ago, so here’s your call to action – you can do it too!

I went to the store to buy olive oil from a local artisan, they have a store close to my house, I bought olive oil, wine and soap all from local businesses. I love to support local businesses and especially ones that live close to the land and are about saving the earth via their business. Heart centered entrepreneurs and business we’ll call these amazing folks. All of these purchases make me feel really amazing because their products are in integrity with my core desired feelings and my values.

I also went to my favorite skincare and makeup store- Citrine – all natural and organic products. They have amazingly nurturing skin care lines. The makeup is top notch and they always make me feel super glamorous when I go there. I also signed up for a class for Tata Harper products that’s coming up. I am going to do a video blog on my haul from there soon. I have very consciously picked my products because they are cruelty free, natural and good for my face.

The whole trip was very conscious, I invest myself in the stories of the businesses I purchase from, I relate to the human elements and the big dreams and especially if they have animal elements I LOVE those companies and try to support them. It’s very adventurous to find these little gems in your city, I highly encourage you to seek this out for yourself. Where the saving money comes in is if you start investing in products you care about, you are much more discerning with where your dollars go and you will most likely start saving a bit by doing this. If you invest in quality, you are spending your money on something that has a higher vibration which will in turn start bringing more abundance to your life. Simply by being present and conscious about your shopping you will bring a lot more happiness into your life.

Here is my podcast I did about this experience! The Weekly Wild Show:

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