It’s all new and fun!

Hello everyone! So big changes around here, very soon I’ll be offering services to eco-fy your life! Fasion, home, baby, pet and work can be made greener and cleaner. Why would you want to “green” your life? We’ve probably all heard it but either you’ve looked at some of it and found it too overwhelming or you just don’t know where to start and how incredibly impacted your are by your current environment. I take the fear, confusion and trouble out of turning your life into a clean mean productive green machine. Side effects might include: happiness, healthier body and skin, healthier pets and babies, a cleaner house and work and a healthier planet, she is our home after all.

I recently started Periscoping and love it because I can interact live with all of you! Come find me over there @WildAlakea or get all of my replays at I give you all kinds of great tips about pets, backyard farming, cleaning and greening your home and life hacks.

I’m also added a guest blogger, Randie G, she gives you tips on meditation, yoga, food and of course green living too! So you get extra info and fun and more great tips. Welcome welcome back old and young, new and previous followers, so grateful to have you here!

Alicia aka “Wild Alakea”

AF headshot July 2015