Tools To Get To Know Yourself

Have you figured out who you are? Have you taken a million tests and smiled with glee or disdain over the results only to search again for the answers you really want to see? I have, here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. There are always going to be spots you don’t like. If you work on those dark spots continuously you’ll never understand how truly unique and blessed you are with your other gifts. It’s like looking at that one dark spot on your face where the melanin randomly worked overtime and produced too much pigment and you try desperately to make it blend with the rest of your face with creams and makeup and you fail to notice the REST of your beautiful face and the clarity it has which is far more vast than the tiny spot. The spot is not your face, it is a part of your face and part of you and your uniqueness, spottiness and all.
  2. There will always be more to learn. There are always more tests, the “ONE” that really works, but really they are all there to help you see a little tiny piece of how you work in this world. You will never find the ends of who you truly are. You don’t ever have to stop learning. You can make it a fun game to really get to know the raw wild core You that is You! When you start treating yourself like someone you love, you’ll be so astounded at how fun, nice, generous, mean, angry, perplexing and pleasurable you can be. Start taking care of yourself like a precious jewel. One tip here: carry a picture of yourself as a small child, refer to it and how she/he would want to be treated and taken care of (it’s magic, trust me).
  3. You may be an introvert and not know it. It generally doesn’t work the other way around, extroverts generally KNOW they are extroverts unless you toe the line like I do. Many introverts think they’re extroverts because of how they’ve lived their lives. Our society tells us to connect-connect-connect, so you go to all the parties, meetings, other such crowd gatherings thinking, “gee this is so fun” when at the end of the night you have to go home and collapse from all the effort that took. If you’re an extrovert those things will enliven and invigorate you not make you feel like you’re hungover the next day and want to retreat into a blanket fort.
  4. You will become more compassionate. Why? Because all of a sudden when you can see your boss/boyfriend/wife/sister/friend/janitor through new eyes and realize they may not actually be out to get you, that might just be their temperament, you soften. It’s a beautiful thing, more compassion in the world is a wonderful thing, there can’t be too much. Then you start making everyone you know take the tests so you can understand them better. Let’s face it, it’s fun, well for most of us anyway, there again is another personality trait if you like to take these tests or not. These tests have and will continue to save marriages, friendships, work relationships, some employers even hire based on them! There is really no downside as long as you look at it like a small piece of the puzzle helping you along in life and helping you to understand others better.
  5. You are unique but not alone. Your unique characteristics are shared by many. Even If it’s just 3% of the population that’s still A LOT in the grand scheme of things, I mean there are 7 billion of us floating around space on this blue ball. There are others that will understand and appreciate you and realize your “spots” are great if only because they’re not the only ones who have them. You are an awesome puzzle piece that has either found their tribe or will make the perfect addition to already existing one, heck if you’re a bit of a rebel like me you might just make your own tribe!

It really is quite helpful, fun, detailed as you want it to be, it can help you plan, help you fix things, accelerate things and hopefully appreciate the diversity that exists. Know that it wouldn’t be the same without you. We all serve as beautiful sparkly pieces of the collage we call life. I’ve learned so much about me, how I can serve, grow and move in this life. How I can be more compassionate and tolerant and that YES I can find people who truly understand me. Now go out and learn about you and find your tribe!

My favorite tests:

How you are in this world

How Others See You (I love this one, it’s very enlightening)

Your Strengths (focus on them not the weaknesses)

Eneagram Test:

What color are you? (I have never done this one but others rave about it)

Tony Robbins DISC profile

How you do or don’t form habits