I love all things wild and free, the environment and earth’s creatures are my passions. I’m an avid book reader and environmental researcher, what that means is that I do all the “green” research for you to find you the most environmentally friendly products so that you have peace of mind when selecting them. It also means it’s going to help you to be the healthiest, happiest and most productive you can be. Imagine feeling good AND feeling like you’re making a difference for the environment just by choosing everyday products and living a greener life.

I live in sunny Phoenix with my husband and garden year round and take care of my menagerie of creatures. Most of them are rescues and a few of them (the chickens) actually work for room and board! Lately I’ve been live streaming daily about how to garden and farm in an urban setting, how Desire Mapping can help you direct your life so that it feels good, how to use essential oils for all kinds of things and all the Eco friendly things you can do on a daily basis to help yourself and mama earth.

I love being outside, hiking, fishing, boating, motorcycling, being active – I have been athletic my whole life to one degree or another and love running, yoga, walks, swimming and cycling. I am also a master level yoga teacher and have a fancy Bachelor of Science Biology Degree (thus the nerdy book worm researcher). I’m an ENFP in Myers Briggs testing and a rebel (according to Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies), basically I only do what’s fun IF and only if I WANT to do it. I love speaking to groups, the bigger the better and teaching or sharing anything that makes my life easier (and hopefully yours).

I usually find the fastest easiest way to do things – I call it my laziness, my friends call it efficiency! I like to give permission to your feelings, desires and dreams because sometimes it’s only one person who needs to tell you “Yes” so you can shoot for the stars. If I can I tell you how I did it so you can avoid the pitfalls, stand on my shoulders so to speak, I always do. I don’t like people who ask advice and then don’t follow it. I love people who help themselves, who don’t complain or give excuses. I don’t tolerate cruelty in any form, especially to animals or to yourself. I’m also pretty sure I’m reincarnated or genealogically linked to the Amazon women because I’m a fighter and guardian of the earth down to the depths of my being. Overall I love my life, my family (furry, shelled, feathered and human alike), my home and my beautiful friends, yup – life is good!


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