Wild Essentials

Want a Natural Based Approach to Health and Healing?

Essential oils can be amazingly transformative – they work incredibly fast and they smell amazing too!*

They can also help you to lose weight, feel better, reduce and eliminate pain, increase overall health and wellness by supporting all body systems. They can also increase your intuition and dream states and help to rebalance chakras. They are safe to use on your children and most pets (please see references about this, not all pets can tolerate essential oils).

*Wanna skip the story and go straight to the store? Click here @ my online store – if you want to save 25% you can join as a wholesale member. (steps are below)

How my life is better using essential oils

I always wanted to use essential oils and get an education in them since I love all things relating to nature, herbal remedies, essential oils and just being in nature. I feel like we lost our wild knowledge of herbs and healing or at least it got buried for awhile and it’s one of the only things I find that helps people get better without side effects and addresses the mental and physical aspects of healing.

Personally I got involved with Doterra who I adore, I got the Family Physician kit because I wanted it for my medicine cabinet and was instantly hooked! I tried the monthly women’s blend, Clary Calm, which saved me, oh man this was the magic I had been looking for for a long time. I use it for three to five days during my moon time every month and all my lady issues magically disappear! That’s how I feel about essential oils, that they’re magic because they work almost immediately, there are no side effects and you can’t overdose!

I use them daily, I diffuse them into my home and it smells amazing, I walk into work and everyone knows I’m there because “I smell like a spa”, I use them for everyday health and healing for myself and Mr. Amazing as well as the puppy dogs who at least seem to like it, but it gives them health benefits too.

I feel like I hit the magic jackpot, if there is an issue you have there is an oil or herb for it, Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created these magic helpers for us!

Why I Only Use Doterra

I stand behind my purchases, if you have been following me for any length of time you know I’m all about conscious consumerism – buying products that are in alignment with your values, promote eco consciousness, less waste, are cruelty free and save the Earth! I use these products all the time and only recommend products to friends, family and my readers that I personally feel good about.

Doterra oils are Certified Pure – Therapeutic Grade oils, they are tested by third party labs for purity and consistently come out on top for quality against other essential oil brands. These products are so pure and helpful that you can take most internally which is not usually recommended with oils and are tested by the USDA as food safe (You can’t take all of them internally, but the ones you can are labeled as such). The product is of very high quality and if you have any other brand you can definitely tell the difference immediately.

Here is my favorite part! They are sustainably grown and harvested and grown in their ideal environment – basically they go where the plants grow naturally. In addition they help the farmers and harvesters with Co Impact sourcing, they make sure they are paid a fair wage and have work and clean resources, basically  they really care about them having a better life – here is a great video of Doterra building a well for workers in Haiti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFYFgNSxYxk

How to Get Started!

I highly recommend EVERYONE, yes that means YOU, start by becoming a wellness advocate by purchasing a wholesale starter kit, even if you only intend to use the oils for personal use. You will then get wholesale prices! You also get shipping costs back in free product! The kits have an amazing selection of the most popular oils and you can start using them and learning right away, plus the fee ($35) for the wholesale membership is waived when you buy a kit! The kits are an amazing deal, and No you don’t have to have a monthly minimum so you are not obligated to buy if you don’t need oils that month.

Remember not all oils are created equal, some are of poor quality and synthetic elements are added – yuck so make sure even if you don’t get Doterra you check the quality of the oils you are purchasing.

I recommend getting the Home Essentials kit because it comes with a diffuser for you start diffusing oils into your home right away! Another amazing kit is the Natural Solutions Kit because it comes with just about everything for you to try. Here are other kits to view as well.

Home Essentials Kit


How to Buy

When you buy a kit in addition to getting all of your oils I will send you a free essential oils book and pair you with myself or a member of my team to use as a personal resource for all your essential oils questions! Plus you also get access to an online members only Facebook group to help you learn about the oils.

If you buy from my online store you will pay retail prices as well as be exempt from monthly specials and free product bonuses, but there’s a better way. The best way is to the buy one of the kits and become a wholesale member (wellness advocate) like I did and most people do.(How to steps below) You’ll get wholesale prices (25% off) and access to all the specials and bonuses.

If this seems confusing email me Alicia (at) wildalakea (dot) com with your name and number and I can give you a call to get you started, if you think you “got this” thing see steps below.


1. Check out enrollment kits and decide which one you want to purchase, I recommend Home Essentials since it comes with the diffuser and the $35 enrollment fee is waived!

2. Hop onto the enrollment page and select language and country.

3. On the next page select “wholesale prices” and select continue.

4. Fill out all your personal and shipping information and in the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID section, it should be prefilled but in case they aren’t put this number in both spaces: 1184202 and my name Alicia Fields should come up. Then select a password and agree to the wellness advocate terms and conditions and click continue.

5. Choose your enrollment kit,  if you want to make your own kit select Introductory Packet and then choose your own oils. You may also buy a kit and additional oils if you would like by adding them to your cart.

6. Set up your optional  Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) – this is an amazing program that is going to save you a ton of money, it’s similar to any rewards card like a free coffee after you buy 10 but WAAAAY better ;). When you sign up and you’ve been on the LRP program for a year you get an ADDITIONAL 30% off! It increases incrementally so you do get benefit starting with month 1, so that’s in addition to you getting 25% off retail prices – it ends up being 55% off after 1 year! How cool is that? You also get everything you spend in shipping back in free product points as well! Win win.

Loyalty rewards program

7. You’re all done! You’re In! You’re in for an amazing DoTerra adventure! You will receive an email from me within 48 hours to get you started while you wait for you oils! Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils and healing and health.