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1-on-1 Sessions for Health and Wellness Coaching

Using the tools of science and spirituality I help you work on inner and outer health and self development that creates amazing life changes. You’ll get massive magical results, because…

  • You may feel stuck…
  • You may feel in need of a natural solution and for health & wellness but don’t know where to go
  • You may feel like your life isn’t working even though you’ve tried everything.
  • You might feel like you lack direction but don’t know where to start.
  • It could be that you feel like you don’t even know what you want anymore.
  • You want to make a difference but don’t know where to start
  • Want to save the earth and animals but don’t feel like you have the power to do it?
  • What about if what you’re doing currently is just making things worse? (hate that job?)
  • You might wonder who am I really? What can I do about the things I care about?

Take a deep breath beautiful soul! I have amazing news for you, I have been there, I have walked the path before you and will be your guide to help you transform your life into something Wild and brilliant. I help you take out-of-the-box action on getting clear on how you can be happier and fulfilled in your life.

Working with me gets you feeling better quickly as well as

  • deep life CLARITY
  • How to’s on just how to get you unstuck and in pain to feeling joyful and fulfilled.
  • Life direction (YAY I finally know where I want to go!)
  • Custom designed work for the the custom you, there is only one you and only your perfect way to get out of your pain, I help you find it.
  • Finally getting to know the essential YOU! Truly seeing yourself, maybe for the first time, and finding incredible compassion for yourself and dare I say it?…. LOVE 😉
  • I help you to accept your current situation and help you to see that even if you don’t want to be there that it is the perfect jumping off point.
  • Feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat of your own life!

You won’t feel alone anymore, I will hold space for you to grow and transform, I’ll be your permission giver – YES you can do that thing you always wanted to do that makes your heart sing! Yes you can save the Earth and heal yourself at the same time…come on in….

6 Weeks of Love, Light, Happiness, Healthiness, Productivity and Natural Living.

  • You get six 45 minute weekly calls
  • Go through a wild desires session so you come out knowing your wildly desired feelings and have a map to live your life by.
  • A membership with an essential oils intro pack to support your mind, body and spirit.
  • Get a custom life map with personalized tips and tricks just for you so that it’s easy, fun and doable.
  • Printable Detox Plan for life and body
  • 3 meditations for any situation and to keep you moving forward
  • Printable guide to healthy, happy and productive living through a natural lifestyle

1 time payment of $750 (save $50) or 2 payments of $400




Business offerings for the entrepreneurial minded peeps 😉 

Are you an entrepreneur or would like to be?
Want to make money while still honoring your heart? Here is a wonderful way to do that – Become a Desire Map Licensee!

If you get your license through me, I will provide 1  1-hour coaching session and 1 month of email coaching support to help you set up and facilitate your Desire Map In person or Virtual Program, recordings of session included!

Bonus – a free spot ($425 value!) in my upcoming Wild Desires Workshop in person or the virtual class!

Desire Map Licensee $2,000